Instant arrival posting system

Settlement of various merchants

Settlement of big media and KOL

Release of latest industry information

Decentralization user system

Decentralization social contact

Big data network with
information exchange

Return the user data to the user

Circulate and share the user data


Secure encrypted social contact

Private chat group

Each user can build the private group, set the join rules for the group, and meanwhile build the little private circle.

Point-to-point encrypted chat, ensuring the information security.

The chat information between users is transmitted point to point, and is difficult to control by the server.

Important chat information cochain, holding the certificate permanently

Say a word to the one you love, and record on the block chain forever.

Shared ID, releasing the information and managing the data

We-Media posting of business user

You can randomly post what you want, but the user determines whether retaining the contents.

The business user concerns the user data by the shared ID management.

We will return all data of merchants to you.

Release of latest industry information

The latest, most complete and most authoritative inquiries are all here.

Authoritative KOL sound in the block chain boundary.

Here only you can not imagine, but nothing you can not see in the block chain industry KOL.

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